SandCage API v0.2 release

With constant changes in the world of web development, SandCage makes sure to stay ahead of the curve . New features are added every day, and extensions that account for new directions in web development. To that end, SandCage v0.2 is now available.

The first version of SandCage stored mostly images. Our new version gives users the ability to upload and store unprocessed files regardless of their format. In addition, users can now actively transform an uploaded image in SandCage, either one by one or as a full batch. Resize, rotate, crop, or resize to fit images where you need them and get the information and status of files you’re working on. Store or delete any of the files as well. Finally, get a list of all your files on SandCage and their status.

We believe that these extensions are essential  to our users and we look forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to share with us your experience with SandCage v0.2. Your feedback is highly appreciated and helps improve and extend SandCage based on your needs.

Cheers to the future of file processing! 

Carolyn Swain

Content Director @sandcage

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SandCage Launches for Web Developers

For those of you who are new to our site, SandCage offers scalable infrastructure to optimize website performance. We’ll talk a lot more about how this optimization will increase end-user engagement and ultimately, sales. But today we want to concentrate on our most exciting news – our launch! 

In August, we transitioned from our closed beta phase to our first public version. Web developers are now welcome to use our API in order to integrate with SandCage. Even better, we will release client libraries and plugins for some of the major platforms in the near future to further simplify your work.

Our next version will also serve website owners, bloggers, e-commerce sellers, and many more.

Sign up for our newsletter/blog updates and follow us on social media to receive all of our product updates. Discuss SandCage features at

We can’t wait to hear how you use SandCage and what you find most valuable. So please send us your comments on what you love (or what you might love even more!). Our goal is to support your needs and help you achieve even greater client success and satisfaction.

We invite you to the next level of website optimization. Welcome to SandCage.

Carolyn Swain

Content Director @sandcage

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How exposure on BetaList grabbed the attention of our perfect audience

BetaList is a company that features new startup businesses. As it states on its website:

“BetaList is the place for early adopters to discover upcoming internet startups, and for startup founders to share their startup with the world and get early user feedback.”

It’s a simple site in design and concept, with the current week’s startups filling the top of the page.

SandCage was featured on the site on June 29. We had a great experience, especially with the service. By posting SandCage on BetaList, we got 50 interested beta users and subscribers on the first day alone and many more after that. In addition, the first day of exposure sent 300 unique visitors to SandCage’s “Coming Soon” homepage. With BetaList we were able to reach a very targeted audience, ideal for beta users. This exposure gave us greater momentum when we launched in August.

The CEO and maker of a world-renowned startup approached us for a potential partnership as a result of that. Hands down it was the best part of being featured on BetaList. It easily fulfilled both parts of its mission for SandCage with the posting. They have a wide outreach and a large following on the different social media channels, including key players in this industry.

Overall, SandCage got three important boosts from using BetaList for promotion and we are grateful for its commitment to startup success.

Carolyn Swain

Content Director @sandcage

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A quick introduction

User patience, a ticking time bomb

“There's a time bomb on the web: user patience. It starts ticking each time someone opens one of your pages. You only have a few seconds to get compelling content onto the screen. Fail, and you can kiss your customers and profits goodbye.

You can't count on fast connections either. Most of your customers are still sucking content through a fairly slow connection. You have to serve up greased lightning or they'll bail.”

Andrew B. King

We are probably not telling you anything new, but faster sites get higher conversions. This is what we do.  

SandCage was initially created as an internal solution to reduce traffic waste and speed up page load times. It is now being launched publicly and is available to a select group of beta users.

While there are different methods to optimize different types of content, SandCage focuses on the processing, hosting and delivery of static content. It helps reduce development time and effort, all the while increasing the efficiency and security of your system. SandCage also helps you deliver more scalable and better performing systems.

By offloading some, or all, of your file and image processing, hosting and delivery, SandCage allows your servers and infrastructure to focus on the less resource-intensive tasks of processing and delivering the more lightweight, dynamic assets.

Sounds awesome, right? It is!

If you’re just as much of a fanatic as we are when it comes to traffic waste reduction and infrastructure health, join us for a free trial program until the 1st of June 2016. During this period we will be offering our RESTful API to a select group of beta users.

Hope to have you on board soon!

Carolyn Swain

Content Director @sandcage

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